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BusinessWeek Magazine:
"PDAs -- Personal Diet Assistants?" by Arlene Weintraub
...If keeping track of your family's medical history is your greatest challenge, HealthFile may help. This comprehensive program allows you to stay abreast of each family member's vaccinations, medications, illnesses, and surgeries. You can also keep track of weight, blood pressure, and glucose levels. Enter doctors' appointments into HealthFile, and they'll automatically appear on your PDA's master calendar. HealthFile also provides one convenient place to store all the information you can never seem to find when your doctor asks for it, from insurance policy numbers to details of your family's disease history... (BusinessWeek magazine, August 30, 2004, p. 146) Review by pdaBlast! Staff
HealthFile Plus from WakefieldSoft is the perfect solution for tracking your personal/medical information. HealthFile Plus can store any health related information for any number of family members. It is a complete solution for managing you and your family's health information...Using the program is very straight forward...The best feature of HealthFile Plus is its companion PC software...HealthFile Plus is a bargain.

by James W., MD (Handango)
Best of FIVE tried! This is a very intuitive program that covers all the bases, especially for those of us with very complex medical issues.

by Don from Omaha, NE (Handango)
You should see my doctor jaw drop when he takes my blood pressure and I whip out my Palm and enter it into HealthFile! It keeps all kinds of info, from b/p, to innoculations, to medicines. User definable lists list physician names, hospitals, and pharmacies. You can enter info for multiple people. A PC companion software allows you to enter the data on the PC without the Palm, then sync the data later. You can print out reports such as drugs to hand to your doctor or to carry with you when you don't have your Palm with you. This program does it all!

by Leslie from San Jose (Handango)
This is by far the best sw for keeping track of appts, diagnosis, treatments, family history, meds, etc...and it has a PC COMPANION - very kewl!!! I tried the competition and this one is the only one with PC Comp...this developer is on the ball.

by Charlotte D. (PalmGear)
I love this program. My husband became disabled from a bicycling accident on 12/26/03. I found I needed something to keep his medical history, list of doctors, medications, and list of surgeries (he has had 10 surgeries since Jan 1,2004). My husband also thinks the program is a great way to keep the needed information at hand. By the way, he is a family physician. I plan to take a print out with us next time I take him for his doctor visit.

by Bobb from Texas (Handango)
With the promised upgrade to add Glucose readings. This one has it all! Keep appointments, meds, and conditions all in one program. While a bit confusing to enter data at first, it soon becomes second nature to add things.

by Marvin from Hawaii (Handango)
Great handy software. When I needed medical information recently, I was already under stress. This software was able to help me answer the doctor's questions accurately. Really glad that I had this program on my PPC. A great investment!!!!

by Lori from Wheeling, WV (Handango)
I purchased Healthfile Plus to keep up on my daughters shots and also my mother takes a lot of medicine and when I take her to the doctor or hospital it comes in very handy. I would recommend this software. It is very user friendly.

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