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"Travel Gear - Cooking Gadgets" by Sukhjit Ghag
...PDACookbook Plus turns your handheld electronic organizer into a digital cookbook. The PDACookbook is a simple application downloaded from the Internet. It has handy features for constant cooks like a menu planner and shopping list. One feature we liked is the ability to scale the ingredients for a recipe automatically by changing the number of servings... (Travel Channel, December 4, 2004)

by a Reviewer from Apex, NC (Handango)
This program is terrific. I have tried other products that come loaded with recipes - recipes that I have no use for and can't get rid of. This little gem only has five - and you can easily delete them so that they're not in your way. It's easy to add new recipes - it's the easiest interface I've tried, actually. It doesn't slow down your system with a bunch of fancy graphical stuff you don't need (e.g., an interface that tries to look like a "real" book). I'm so impressed with this that I'm even recommending it to my mother! And, at long last, I can get control of the pile of clippings I've accumulated over the past thirty years! Bottom line: Simple, easy to use. Does what it says it will do.

by Nori O (PalmGear)
This program has become one of the most importan t reasons why I use my handheld. I keep all my recipes in it --- and they are very easy to enter from the PC thanks to some nice features. I use it to develop menus, identify recipes while I'm shopping, keep track of great recipes that I might otherwise forget or lose, even remind myself of perishables that I need to use up. It is incredible how easy it is to become organized with this software, I know of nothing comparable in functionality. And in addition, the developer has been very quick to respond to problems that have come up and very helpful in resolving them. I strongly recommend this product.

by Michelle Williams (PalmGear)
WOW! I was looking for a program that allowed me to turn internet recipes into menu lists and grocery lists and this far surpassed my expectations. It allows you to copy an ingredients list and will automatically format it for you. A+

by Janet George (PalmGear)
If you're scouting for the best cookbook program look no further. I have tried them all and THIS IS THE BEST! And they keep on updating the program, making it better and better! The developer is very quick to answer questions and is also very responsive to suggestions for updates in the future.

by James Morrin (PalmGear)
Unlike a number of other programs I've downloaded for my Palm T, this one actually performs as advertised, doesn't hang my Palm, and all of its features are well thought out and logical to use. Perhaps the greatest is the "smart paste" feature that allows you to quickly import any recipe you find on the web, and this feature really 'makes' the program. Also, the shopping list provides back-references so that you can see why you added a particular ingredient in the first place. A great buy and a time saver.

by Susan B (Handango)
How refreshing to get software that works as promised! I downloaded the trial, installed on my PC and PocketPC, loaded in a couple of my exported recipes from MasterCook - all with zero glitches (I can't say the same for a competitive offering I had previously tried and gave up on). I then paid for the full version and registered on both my PC and PocketPC - again, absolutely no problems. All this accomplished in less than 1 hour while holding an awake 3 month old baby. Need I say more? It was a breeze to install and I'm very pleased .. use it almost every day.

by Carolyn (Email)
I love PDACookbook. I have had various recipe organizing software programs over the years and entered a lot of recipes...only to find they just didn't quite work the way I expected them to. PDACookbook is great. It works the way it says it will and I actually use it to plan menus and shopping. It is a great, elegant program.

by Lori Smith (PalmGear)
I use several of WakefieldSoft programs and find them all extremely useful! They are easy to use and understand. I love the ability to download recipes into the PC version of the program.

by a Reviewer from Cedaredge, CO (Handango)
I use PDA Cookbook to shop; my recipes are with me (from my basic recipe program Cookbook Wizard). Recipes were imported into PDA Cookbook successfully, and the support from the PDA Cookbook people has been fantastic. I had experienced difficulty importing, but we cleared up the problem, thanks to their programmers. Useful program. Great buy!

by Peggy Baldwin (PalmGear)
This software is superb!! I have tried a number of recipe softwares and this is the most intuitive and offers the best features of them all. I have been through several versions and it gets nothing but better. The service is personal and fast. The only problem I have ever had with it is upgrading and PDACookBook not being able to find the data files. The new version has resolved this with a much better installer. It does a great job of importing recipes from MasterCook.

by Marc Peters (Handango)
With version 3.0 the competition is left in the dust. PDACookbook does more and performs quicker than it's best competitor... The developer obviously has spent a lot of time tweaking the program and responding to users requests and feedback. Do yourself a favor and give the program a try, the trial versions only limitation is 20 recipes, and I bet you decided to register long before you hit that limit.

by Larry Brown (PalmGear)
PDACookbook is one of the easiest Palm applications I've used. It syncs beautifully between the PC and the Palm. I've been looking for a cookbook program I could use with the Palm for about 3 years and I tried several others. This is definitely the best program available. Their support is great. I even received one reply within 10 minutes! It is so great to be able to sit in a doctor's office or on an airplane and input a recipe. Thanks for a great and simple program.

by Jurgen Feldmann
Sonntag 13.1.2002 habe ich das Programm geladen und getestet. Leider konnte es keine LeChef-Rezepte direkt importieren. An der MM-bzw. Txt-Datei waren Anderungen vor dem Import erforderlich. Ebenfalls am Sonntag habe ich eine Mail an den Programmierer mit der Schilderung des Problems gesandt. Heute Donnerstag 17.1.2002 gibt es ein update 2.20 mit dem automatischen Import von LeChef-Rezepten. Mehr mu? man nicht sagen!

by Tom McCollough from Salt Lake City, UT (Handango)
This program is fabulous! I tried the top two PDA cookbook programs and this one was by far the most intuitive and easy to use. It has everything I need, but it still manages to have a clean user interface. There aren't any quirks -- I understood what was going on right from the get-go. Since installing this software I've discovered that it is effortless to come up with a creative meal now that I have my recipes easily searchable and within easy reach. This software will change how I do cooking forever! When I was evaluating these cookbook programs, I took some time to contact customer support. The customer support for PDACookbook Plus is by far the best. I sent an email message at appx. 10PM one evening, and I was astounded to receive a reply within an hour that not only answered my question but also anticipated follow-ups. I've been very impressed! Keep up the good work!

by Paul Mackle (PalmGear)
What more can I add: truly a great programme thats smaller, cheaper and faster than the competition. I had some problems with the upgrade and the support on hand beggared belief. Well done.

by George Roukas (PalmGear)
This is the one! I was really down on ever finding a good palm cook book app, especially after buying pocket cook with its bizarre interface. PDA Cook Book is simple and it just works great. I have a ton of recipes on my desktop that I want to keep portable and it's amazing. When I'm out at the market and see some ingredient that looks amazing, I can quickly look up a few recipes, make a decision, and get the other things I'll need. (I guess now I'll have to find a good pocket weight loss program...)

by Kim George (PalmGear)
I have been looking for a program like this for some time--one that will import my recipes from the desktop and sync them with the PDA. The fact that I can print recipes from my desktop or beam them to friend using the memo feature is nice addition. It could even be used as a basic recipe organization tool for the desktop. Tech support was the fastest and most responsive of any one I have used. Thanks for a great product.

by Patti Waddell from Platte City, MO (Handango)
I purchased a different cookbook program and did not like it because it was difficult (for me) to convert my mastercook receipes to the format it used. This one is so easy. I would highly recommend this program.

by Elaine Smothers (PalmGear)
If you like keeping your favorite recipes handy and sharing them with others, this app cannot be beat. Both the PDA and PC apps work beautifully & it doesn't take up alot of PDA memory. This is one of the few programs I've registered that I honestly have no suggestions for improvements for in future updates. GREAT JOB!

by David Speer (PalmGear)
Program is excellent, both on the Palm and on the PC! Does just what I wanted it to do, no multi-MB data bases, and easily imports from various other formats. The developer is responsive and very concientious and the price is right.

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