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by Andy from Maryland (Handango)
What distinguishes this software? Accessibility, flexibility, and time-saving features. Being accessible on both the PDA and PC is a must; fumbling with the PDA while using the PC definitely gets old. I need most of my passwords while I'm using the PC. Info Safe Plus puts my data at hand at my desk and away. Ease and flexibility of changing and defining entry categories and items within categories saves a lot of time and extra clicking. There is no backing up the menu tree in InfoSafe. Time spent accessing data quickly surpasses time spent entering it, especially on the handheld! The InfoSafe Plus difference: a quick navigation bar on the PDA - what an improvement over searching or scrolling - a real time saver and a distinguishing feature. The PC module has multi-field semi-boolian searh capability for real power. Finally the developer answers email quickly and professionally. Seems to have it all.

by Steve from Sharon, PA (Handango)
I have been using for a couple of months and find this the perfect program for me. The great value is that the program is customizable to meet the needs of individual entries. Also, the desktop software is great. Now I can secure my personal information on my desktop - this is a great whether you have a handheld or not.

by C. Marshall (Handango)
This simple and excellent program helps me keep track of all of my logins and passwords for everything from banking to travel sites to accessing my home voicemail. You can add categories and the password protection is an excellent feature. Thank goodness I don't have to remember all of this any more!

by Brian S. from Washington, DC (Handango)
I've been using InfoSafe Plus on my PDA for a number of months and it has become an instrumental part of my daily life with regard to managing all the "secret stuff" we need to keep as part of the IT evolution. Its outstanding and extremely versatile tool. I highly recommend it.

by Gregg A. (PalmGear)
InfoSafe Plus is perfect for storing the registration numbers for all of my shareware. Since it is so customizable, I can alter any of the existing fields to suit my needs. The added desktop program allows for fast entry and importing. Another high quality program from WakefieldSoft.

by Neil S. (PalmGear)
Product has an excellent choice of predefined categories for information, including some unexpected ones such as "combination" and "calling card". Each category is easily customized to your needs.It also features an import and export facility if you need it, plus you can print out your entries if you feel a need to safeguard them in hard copy.I also like the hotsync to the desktop and its ability to use your PC's keyboard to enter or update your information. InfoSafe provides me with the function for which I purchased a PDA, a portable encrypted database of all my userids and passwords.

by Cassandra M. (PalmGear)
This software has saved my life! It is a very simple, but powerful (and secure) way to organize and keep not just passwords, but other protected data. The desktop addition is a must have.

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