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InfoSafe LIVE!

NOTE: InfoSafe Live! will be retired at the end of December 2023. Subscriptions are no longer being sold. See the online help file to learn about how to export your data.

Software features:

  • Twelve customizable fields allow for detailed information for each record
  • Define your own list of categories
  • Define your own list of custom field labels
  • PIN locking in addition to your account username and password
  • Import data from a previous InfoSafe Plus install
  • Print List or Detailed reports
  • Access your data securely from your phone and your computer
  • Import existing InfoSafe Plus data (version 6.5 or higher)

Performance and Security features:

  • Data is stored and accessed with a secure server (SSL)
  • Access is secure using your username and password
  • Additional PIN locking after inactivity
  • Information is AES encrypted for robust security
  • Encryption key is different for every user
  • Optimized for display on mobile devices including iPhone, Android, and Blackberry
  • Very fast due to compact and clean application and interface
  • Small data plan usage for mobile devices due to efficient design
  • Access your data anytime and anywhere
  • Regular server backups for your protection
  • Installation or upgrading issues are gone forever
  • Changing phones or devices or computers is not a problem
  • Instantly gain access to new features as they are added
  • Losing a phone or laptop does not lose your data
  • No advertising or spam, unlike other online apps
  • Maintenance free

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