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Latest Version 5.x Installer Downloads Version: 5.0.6
Date: Oct 19, 2009
BookBag Plus™ for Blackberry and Windows PC
For Blackberry users. Includes PC desktop software and a Blackberry data viewer.
 Download BookBag for Blackberry & PC
BookBag Plus™ for Windows Mobile and Windows PC
For Windows Mobile (touchscreen) users. Includes PC desktop software.
 Download BookBag for Windows Mobile & PC
BookBag Plus™ for Palm OS and Windows PC
For Palm OS® (Centro, Treo, TX, etc.) users. Includes PC desktop software.
 Download BookBag for Palm OS & PC
BookBag Plus™ for Windows PC
For Windows PC users only without any handheld device.
 Download BookBag for Windows PC

Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Click on the appropriate download icon above for the download file you need.
  2. When the "File Download" box appears, choose the "Save this file to disk" option and click OK or just click "Save".
  3. When the "Save As" box appears, choose where you want to save your download. We recommend that you save it on your computer's desktop so that it will be easy to find later. To do this, choose "Desktop" from the "Save in" pull down menu.
  4. The installation will begin and a status box will appear as the file downloads. If necessary, click CLOSE in the "Download Complete" box when the download is finished. You can now install the software.
  5. To install the software in Windows, double-click the file on your computer that was just downloaded. The installer will begin.

Old Version Installer Downloads Version Date Installer
BookBag Plus™
For Palm OS®, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Windows PC users. Includes PC desktop software
4.6.7 Jul 2007 EXE
BookBag Lite™
For Palm OS® only. No desktop software
4.6.7 Jul 2007 EXE  ZIP 
BookBag Plus™
For Palm OS®, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Windows PC users. Includes PC desktop software
3.7.6 Jan 2005 EXE
BookBag Lite™
For Palm OS® only. No desktop software
3.7.6 Jan 2005 EXE ZIP 

Revision History...

5.1.1 Released 02-??-2010 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x or older)
Improvements to Palm version install process (caslcopy.log)

5.0.6 Released 10-19-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x or older)
Signed to run and hotsync on the Palm Pre WebOS under Classic version 2 or higher
Fixed an issue on restoring that affected backup up graphics
Fixed an issue where the PC password was not saved

5.0.5 Released 10-09-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x or older)
Fixed an issue with the graphics filenames

5.0.4 Released 10-01-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x or older)
Fixed an install/startup error 53/75 on the PC companion
Improved error logging
Fixed an issue with the graphics filenames on lookups
Added code to handle special characters on lookups

5.0.1 Released 09-23-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x or older)
Blackberry device support - data viewer
Blackberry Desktop Manager add-in to transfer data
New data lookup feature to comply with Amazon's signed lookup policy
Improved matching alorithm for internet lookup process
Improved lookup speed of returned results
Vista Compliant - data location moved to My Documents
Improved install process
Better graphics handling
Improved backup and restore
Added Reinstall Handheld Software menu item
Longer memos supported on the Palm OS
PC button bar moved to top of screen for easier use
Separate installer files for each platform
Signed EXEs for security (installer, program, utilities)
Improved startup on Windows Mobile
Updated icon
Updated help file on PC
Updated Getting Started PDF files
Fixed Windows Mobile 6.1 program startup issue

4.6.7 Released 07-20-2007 (Last version 4.x released)
Fixed single quote issue when searching on the PC
Default Due and Read dates on PC to current date for new records
Updated Windows Mobile installer
Updated Activesync DLL
Fixed possible issue displaying graphics due to permissions
Fixed possible website link issue due to permissions
Added 'Enter Code' link to demo dialog box
Added information to the installer about how to install on Windows Vista

4.5.0 Released 04-18-2007
TrialPay option added
Installer enhancements
Uninstaller enhancements
Added code signing with Authenticode
Fixed problem on handheld where picture from another record was being referenced on new records

4.4.7 Released 01-06-2007
Updated logo
Updated for 2007
Fixed issue where registration info was not always retained
Fixed sort key issue when many books with the same title are entered
Fixed an import issue for certain instances of quotes in a field
Default to show details page on PC when adding a new record

4.4.0 Released 07-03-2006
Fixed issue with popup keyboard on password screen for Palm OS 5.4
Fixed issues with the Pocket PC / Windows Mobile transfer utilities
Improved installation routines
Latest compiler

4.2.2 Released 06-14-2006
Improved data transfer process for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile

4.2.0 Released 05-03-2006
Latest compiler
Installer improvements
Update help file
Fixed trial period date issue for some date formats
Fixed Error 5 in some instances on startup
Fixed an issue with database file headers becoming corrupted
Added Windows Mobile 5 compatibility
Fixed issue with Pocket PC transfer commands and Activesync 4.1
Fixed error 53 on some Pocket PC installs

4.1.4 Released 02-07-2006
Added software version to install.log
Updated OCX files to newer versions
Fixed a bug with the expiration date for users with dd/mm/yyyy date settings
Added support for 32K memos on Palm OS 5.2 and up

4.1.2 Released 1-2-2006
Import improvements
Added option on Lookups to not overwrite fields with existing data
Added manual transfer menu commands for Pocket PC / Windows Mobile users
Updated PC help file
Fixed '&' symbol issue in data fields for a Lookup
Fixed error on record lookup that closes program
Fixed filter by format issue on the handheld
Fixed problem with database structure
Updated copyright information

4.1.0 Released 10-26-2005
Added Tungsten T|X compatibility
Added option to move initial articles (A, An, The) to the end of the Title for Lookups
Added option to delete picture file from computer when clearing picture
Added error checking to the opening of web pages
Improved installer routines
Activesync improvements
Fixed a graphic display issue for records with removed graphics
Misc fixes

4.0.2 Released 09-30-2005
Added options on Lookup screen to select only graphic, only text, or both
Added support for links in the Viewer screen, clickable to launch browser
Added option to format author as Last, First in data lookup
Corrected internet lookup results list so that it is sorted alphabetically
Dashes are now allowed in the ISBN for doing a lookup
Lookup can now be cancelled
Fixed a problem with Viewer screen on handheld not scrolling
Fixed error if click Select and not titles were found in the lookup

4.0.0 Released 09-27-2005
Added data lookup from internet using isbn or title, including cover graphics
Added ability to save cover graphics with records on the PC
Added 'viewer' screen on the PC and handheld
Added ActiveSync support for Pocket PC & Windows Mobile
Added Preferences screen and options on PC
Added Auto-add to master list in preferences
Added 'yesterday' as an option for dates on the handheld
Added series to search/filter screen on pda
Improved date selection on Pocket PC or Windows Mobile devices
Added Palm OS Hires support
Updated handheld icons
Windows software last size and position saved
Trial version fully functional for 14 days
Latest compiler
Latest Palm OS hotsync DLLs
Updated program installers
Updated help files

3.7.6 Released 01-30-2005 (Last version 3.x released)
Latest compiler (PDA)
Fixed reset issues on Treo 650

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