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Latest Version 5.x Downloads Version Date Download
AutoFile Plus™ for Palm OS and Windows PC
For Palm OS® (Treo, Centro, TX, etc.) users. Includes PC desktop software.
5.1.2 12/17/2010  
AutoFile Plus™ for Windows Mobile and Windows PC
For Windows Mobile (touchscreen and smartphone) users. Includes PC desktop software.
5.1.2 12/17/2010  
AutoFile Plus™ for Windows PC
For Windows PC users only without any handheld device..
5.1.2 12/17/2010  

Download and Installation Instructions:

  1. Click on the appropriate download icon above for the download file you need.
  2. When the "File Download" box appears, choose the "Save this file to disk" option and click OK or just click "Save".
  3. When the "Save As" box appears, choose where you want to save your download. We recommend that you save it on your computer's desktop so that it will be easy to find later. To do this, choose "Desktop" from the "Save in" pull down menu.
  4. The installation will begin and a status box will appear as the file downloads. If necessary, click CLOSE in the "Download Complete" box when the download is finished. You can now install the software.
  5. To install the software in Windows, double-click the file on your computer that was just downloaded. The installer will begin.

Old Version Downloads Version Date Full Install
AutoFile Plus™
For Palm OS®, Pocket PC, Windows Mobile, and Windows PC users. Includes PC desktop software.
4.2.7 07/20/07  
AutoFile Lite™
For Palm OS® only. Intended for Mac users. No desktop software.
4.2.7 07/20/07     

Revision History...

5.1.2 Released 12-17-2010 (Paid upgrade from version 3.x or 4.x)
Added additional default categories (Medical, Charitable)

5.1.1 Released 08-25-2010 (Paid upgrade from version 3.x or 4.x)
Improvements to grid display for fuel (economy for non-fillups)
Improvements to data Restore function
Improvements to Trips data import routine
Improvements to reminder display on PC
Fixed an issue when printing with a large number of master list items for the summary
Fixed an issue when importing data with embedded commas and quoted "xxx,xxx"
Fixed an issue when saving Service records in some languages
Fixed an issue when entering VIN and Insurance for a vehicle

5.0.7 Released 10-12-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 3.x or 4.x)
Updated Windows Mobile sync utility with some sync fixes
Better handling of non-US settings for numbers
Better handling of trip distance calculation on WinMob
Fixed an issue when deleting master list items (duplicates)
Fixed an error when browsing master list items with keyboard
Fixed edit Service bug on WinMob
Fixed an issue editing master lists on the PC
Fixed an issue saving memos on the PC

5.0.5 Released 08-15-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 3.x or 4.x)
Set graph screen on PC to stay on top
Increased size of graph screen on PC
Several improvements to the distance by month graph
Fixed a distance graphing issue if no trips
Fixed a graph printing issue
Fixed a sort issue for Services and Reminders on PC
Fixed some column display issues on the PC
Fixed a Service Reminder creation issue on PC
Trip records now use last trip ending odometer on WinMob
Fixed a reminder edit issues on WinMob
Fixed an issue where old reminders were not replaced on PC and WinMob
Fixed an issue in adding a trip with no end odometer or distance on PC

5.0.4 Released 07-30-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 3.x or 4.x)
Fixed a problem on the Palm OS that prevented adding items to the master lists
Fixed a problem related to non-US number formats for importing and saving fuel records
When adding on Windows Mobile, cursor is in correct location for odometer
Fixed an edit error if only 1 record in list (WM)
Fixed a km distance issue in Trips (WM)
Fixed a problem where fields were not always cleared for new record (WM)

5.0.3 Released 07-20-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 3.x or 4.x)
Fixed an error if not entering a number in a numeric field on the handheld (WM)
Fixed a print error if a quote (') was in a master list
Fixed an import issue related to 'Ignore This Field'
Fixed a reminder setup error

5.0.2 Released 07-08-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x)
Added Palm OS message about converting old version data
Fixed a sort issues on the PC
Fixed a problem with quotes (') in the master lists

5.0.1 Released 07-02-2009 (Paid upgrade from version 4.x)
Windows Mobile smartphone device support
Much improved Windows Mobile handheld interface
Improved Windows PC interface
Enhanced Windows Mobile synchronization
Program can be installed to SD card (Windows Mobile only)
Backup / restore improvements
Printing improvements
Additional fields for end date/time for Trips
Vista compatible

4.2.7 Released 07-20-2007
Fixed possible website link issue due to permissions
Added 'Enter Code' link to demo dialog box
Added information to the installer about how to install on Windows Vista

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