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InfoSafe Plus: Blackberry, Palm, and Windows Mobile password software with PC companion desktop software.
  • Import - Export Items - import and export items to and from comma or tab delimited files! Easily import your existing database into InfoSafe™!

  • PC Data Entry - Add, edit, and delete items on the PC for quicker data entry.!

  • Copy and Email - Copy records to the clipboard to email or paste into your word processor.

  • Print - Print detailed reports or list reports with our versatile PC printing feature.

  • Store ANY Data - Store usernames, passwords, logins, websites, insurance information, identification information, account numbers, credit cards, calling cards, combinations, email accounts, frequent flyer numbers, memberships, prescriptions, serial numbers, utilities, vehicle information, voice mail codes, warranties, and MORE!

  • Password Protection - Choose your own password to prevent unauthorized access to your data. The password is not stored on the handheld or PC, so no one else will be able to retrieve it.

  • Password Generator - Generate random passwords of any length and containing specified characters. Use the password in InfoSafe or paste into any other application.

  • Security Preferences - Set the number of failed password attempts before a delay is added between attempts, and set the number of failed consecutive password attempts before all data is destroyed.

  • Data Encryption - Records are encrypted with 128 bit encryption for security.

  • Customizable Fields List - Customize the fields list. Change any field name for any record!

  • User Definable Categories - Assign a category to each record, and you can filter by category. We provide a starting list of categories, but you can add and delete category choices to fit your needs.

  • Export to Memo - Do you want to share an item with a friend, but they don't have InfoSafe™? No problem, just use our export to memo feature to export any item and its details to a memo on your Palm OS handheld. Then, beam it to anyone!

  • Beaming - Beam any record to another InfoSafe user!

  • Add 1000s of Records - Add hundreds or thousands of items if you want - limited only by memory. The database limit due to hotsync's limit is 15,999 records.

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