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Multiple sort and
filter options
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Define your own
genres, ratings, etc.
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AudioList™ is your complete audio, CD, MP3, and music organization and inventory software for Blackberry, Palm OS and webOS handhelds, Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handhelds, and Windows PCs! Keep track of your collection of tapes, CDs, music, MP3s, etc. that you own, that you have heard, that you have loaned, that you want to buy, and more. Download our FREE fully functional demo today!

View our Getting Started Guide (PDF): Blackberry or Palm OS or Windows Mobile

Feature Highlights:

  • PC companion software for convenient adding and editing on your desktop PC
  • Database importing, including MP3 file library importing
  • Multiple sort and filter options
  • Define your own genres, ratings, labels, status lists, and more
  • Comprehensive list of fields
  • For Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Palm OS, and webOS handhelds and Windows PCs
  • Runs on the webOS Palm Pre and Pixi with Classic version 2 or higher
  • FREE updates and upgrades within the same version number
  • More features
There are 4 versions available:
  • Blackberry and Windows PC
  • Windows Mobile Classic/Professional (touchscreen) and Windows PC
  • Palm OS and Windows PC
  • Windows PC only
Purchase Options:
After purchasing, you will be immediately provided with a 5 digit registration code. Enter this registration code in the PC desktop software, and the trial version will become the full version. Please purchase the appropriate version below.

Existing users of version 5.x and below can upgrade for a discount.

AudioList Plus™ (Blackberry & Windows PC)
Blackberry viewer software and PC desktop software.
Enter Device PIN:

AudioList Plus™ (Palm OS & Windows)
Palm OS handheld software and PC desktop software
Enter Hotsync ID:

AudioList Plus™ (Windows Mobile & Windows)
Pocket PC or Windows Mobile handheld software and PC desktop software
Enter Owner Name:

AudioList Plus™ (Windows PC Only)
Windows PC desktop software only
You may pay with a credit card or Paypal during checkout with any of the BUY links above.

Note that since you are provided with an unlock code at the time of purchase, there is not a way to 'return' a product. Please try our demo version, as we are unable to give refunds, especially in cases where the software did not do what you thought or hoped it should do. Thank you.

What Our Users are Saying:

Comments by David Speer:
AudioList Plus has certainly fulfilled my wishes to be able to have my CD collection available both on the PC and the Palm. WakefieldSoft has done it once again with a very inexpensive, but full featured creation, that will access the FCDDB for title and track listings as well as features that are found only in much more expensive software for the PC only. I exported all my data from an old program from an old Mac, to the PC, and then into AudioList Plus with minimal effort...Three cheers, again, for this program, as well as the others I have purchased from WakefieldSoft.

Comments by David Jones:
...This is a feature rich program that WORKS!...They answer their emails (not just the same day, but within hours and usually minutes)...I STRONGLY recommend this program to my friends and anyone else looking for a powerful easy-to-use music database.

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System Requirements:
  • Blackberry: OS version 4.2 or higher
    About 80k of free memory plus room for data
  • Windows Mobile: Windows Mobile 2003, Windows Mobile 5 or 6 (touch-screen devices)
    About 400k of free memory plus room for data
  • Palm OS: Palm OS 3.x, 4.x, or 5.x (including Centro, Treo, TX, etc.)
    About 300k of free memory plus room for data
  • WebOS (Palm Pre, Pixi): Requires Classic version 2 or higher to hotsync
    About 300k of free memory plus room for data
  • Windows 98,NT,ME,2000,XP,Vista,Windows 7

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