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NOTICE: If you have a data connected phone, such as iPhone, iPod, iPad, Android, Droid, Blackberry, Web OS (Pre, Pixi), etc then you should be looking at our new PDACookbook LIVE!

PDACookbook Plus: Palm OS and Windows Mobile recipe software with PC companion desktop software.
  • 1200+ Recipes - includes 1200+ free recipes to get your cook book started right!

  • Attach Pictures - attached your own pictures to recipes on the PC. Quickly see what a dish should look like!

  • Import - Export Recipes - Import and export recipes from Meal-Master and MasterCook files with PDACookbook Plus™!

  • Smart Ingredient Paste - Copy ingredient text from a text recipe or the internet, Smart Ingredient Paste will identify ingredients, quantities, and units and paste them in one step!

  • Print - Print any or all recipes from your database. Print the Menu Planner and Shopping List.

  • PC Data Entry - Add, edit, and delete recipes on the PC for quicker data entry.!

  • Copy and Email - Copy recipes to the clipboard to email or paste into your word processor.

  • Shopping List - our most popular feature. Add items from any recipe to the shopping list. Add misc items to the shopping list. Export to HandyShopper2 or SplashShopper. Remove items quickly as you purchase them.

  • Menu Planner - add recipes to the menu planner for certain dates. View recipes from the Menu Planner with one tap.

  • Beaming - beam recipes, the menu planner, or the shopping list to other PDACookbook users.

  • Servings - Ingredients Scaling - Automatically scale ingredient quantities by simply changing the number of servings. Scale to any serving size, up or down.

  • User Definable Categories - Assign up to 6 categories to each recipe, and you can search by categories. We provide a starting list of categories, but you can add and delete categories on the Palm or PC.

  • Nutrition - enter nutritinal items and information for each recipe.

  • Ingredients - up to 35 ingredients for each recipe. Define your own Master Ingredients List with store aisle location (optional).

  • Search - The versatile searching in PDACookbook allows you to search by title, category, ingredient, or other text in the instructions. Or, you can search for any combination of those parameters!

  • Export to Memo - Do you want to share a recipe with a friend, but they don't have PDACookbook? No problem, just use our export to memo feature to export any recipe to a memo on your handheld.

  • Add 1000s of Recipes - Add hundreds or thousands of recipes if you want. The database limit due is 15,999 recipes!

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