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DoInventory Plus: Blackberry, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile book and library software with PC companion desktop software.
  • Import - Export Items - import and export items to and from comma or tab delimited files! Easily import your existing inventory into DoInventory!

  • PC Data Entry - Add, edit, and delete items on the PC for quicker data entry.!

  • Copy and Email - Copy records to the clipboard to email or paste into your word processor.

  • Print - Print detailed reports or list reports with our improved PC printing feature.

  • Barcode Scanner Support - Compatible with barcode scanners including Symbol CSM150 (springboard for Visor), Symbol 1500, 1700, 1800, Janam XP20, XP30 (all Palm OS), the Socket SDIO In-Hand and 3E (Palm OS or Pocket PC / Windows Mobile), and any barcode scanner supported by SerialMagic(tm) Professional for Palm OS from (including LaserChamp and Socket CHS 7 scanners)

  • Multiple Custom Fields - You can choose custom fields to allow each record to show the information that you need. We provide a starting list of custom fields, but you can add and delete custom fields on the PC.

  • User Definable Categories - Assign a category to each item, and you can search by category. We provide a starting list of categories, but you can add and delete categories on the PC.

  • User Definable Locations - Assign a location to each item, and you can search by location. We provide a starting list of locations, but you can add and delete locations on the PC.

  • Preferences - Preferences screen for turning sorts on and off, setting default sort, default custom fields names, and more!

  • Filter/Search - The versatile filtering (searching) in DoInventory allows you to filter by item, category, location or any custom field. Or, you can filter for any combination of those parameters!

  • Export to Memo - Do you want to share an item from your inventory with a friend, but they don't have DoInventory? No problem, just use our export to memo feature to export any item and its details to a memo on your Palm OS device. Then, beam it to anyone!

  • Add 1000s of Records - Add hundreds or thousands of items if you want - limited only by memory. The database limit due to hotsync's limit is 15,999 records.

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