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by Jim D from Carrollton, TX (Handango)
This is a gem of a program for anyone with a large CD audio collection. I have over 150 music CD's, could you image manually entering all of these? With this program, it will look it up on the internet for you, and fill in the artist and tracks for you! No more not buying duplicate CD's now, you can filter the listing of what you own or your wishlist. I'm thinking about getting the bookbag program now as well to do the samething. Gets all five stars from me.

by Kathleen K. (Email)
I bought AudioList....after trying a demo of another brand and not being impressed. I liked your program from the start. Now that I have more than 300 entries, mostly classical pieces, I have to compliment you on the program. It is so intuitive and has so many features! Entry of these records has been so easy and smooth, especially with the copy button. Thank you so much for such a wonderful product!

by Keith D. from London, UK (Email)
I've tested two "off-the-shelf" music cataloguing programs and conclude that the AudioList Plus product offers the most flexible solution and the best value for money. It is by far the easiest program to create catalogues with - especially if you are able to place your the CDs in a PC drive and use the FreeDB option to find and enter the data. Probably the best US$20.00 I've ever spent on software of any description!

by chrisca from Bothell, WA (Handango)
I buy CDs in spurts and I'm constantly forgetting what I own. My goal was to find a tool that could help me while I was in a music store or while on the net. I tried a couple of other programs and settled on AudioList Plus because it has many of the features I was looking for - such as overall ease of use, clean and simple layout, "automatic" track listing, user definable lists, multiple sorts, and easy sync. After trying both the lite and plus versions, I settled on the plus version for the PC application. I like the simple, yet complete user interface and the import/export option as an additional means of backing up the database. The application is a great ménage of a marriage between my PC, my PDA and my brain.

by a Reviewer from Boston, MA (Handango)
AudioList Plus, the Palm and PC companion program are indispensable! Every program should be so well designed. They are truly easy to use, i.e., intuitive, and provide sufficient ability to customize without being difficult. I am impressed by the ability to rapidly search and sort. The ability to add to the database with virtually no manual data entry should not be overlooked ? data entry is automated by simply placing a CD in the drive and accessing by one mouse click. While the products are impressive the support is even more so. I wish all software was supported as well! If you need or want to keep track of your music library get this package!

by David Speer (PalmGear)
AudioList Plus has certainly fulfilled my wishes to be able to have my CD collection available both on the PC and the Palm. WakefieldSoft has done it once again with a very inexpensive, but full featured creation, that will access the FCDDB for title and track listings as well as features that are found only in much more expensive software for the PC only. I exported all my data from an old program from an old Mac, to the PC, and then into AudioList Plus with minimal effort (as well as help from the author.) Three cheers, again, for this program, as well as the others I have purchased from WakefieldSoft.

by a Reviewer from Seattle, WA (Handango)
After 5 minutes using the "trial" version, I bought the real thing. Just think, you don't have to enter all the CD info! The internet does it for you. You can edit your info the way you want, and finally have that record of all your CD's without all of the data entry. I have been using my Palm IIIC for about 2 years now, and this is one of the best programs I have found.

by A.Juhasz from Texas (Handango)
I was in the process of creating my own database and found I was spending tedious loooong time making every record entry. So, I decided to search the web for a solution wether for PC or PocketPC. I found BOTH solutions in ONE, AudioList! I've entered rare CDs I've owned since the eighties and, Voilá!, all data about the CD was downloaded from the web in an instant. I also bought the program after using it to the max entries allowed in the trial (within 10 minutes). Now I just have to enter the rest of my collection with no sweat!

by David Jones (PalmGear)
Promises, promises, promises. That's what I've found after trying many of the pda based music and video databases out there. They claim to be "the answer" only to be badly lacking in features, are difficult to use and/or have shown little care for the end user. NOT SO with AudioList Plus! This is a feature rich program that WORKS! OK, there are a few features that are not turned on yet, but the developer assures me they are hard at work on them. Why would I believe them, when so many others have told me the same story - yet never delivered? I believe them because 1) They answer their emails (not just the same day, but within hours and usually minutes) 2) They've followed thru with everything to date and 3) they've proven that they know what they're doing.Downloading my collection of some 2,000 titles from an old database was a breeze. I'm currently transferring 20,000 songs into the program. They helped to come up with a way to do it even tho my old data base was completely incompatable (with the song list feature). It will be time consuming, but it will much faster than reentering title by title. Thanks guys!Syncing between the PC and pda works flawlessly (just make sure the program is not running on either unit). Using the program on the pda is surprisingly quick and easy. I was concerned that with a database that large, it would be slow on the palm. I'm looking forward to the new updates, especially the listing by artist. In fact I'll give them 5 stars even though all the features are not ready. I STRONGLY recommend this program to my friends and anyone else looking for a powerful easy-to-use music
[Developer's Note: The features mentioned above are available in the current version.]

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