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AudioList Plus: Blackberry, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile software with a PC companion
  • MP3 Library Import - import MP3 file libraries, and other file formats! Easily import your existing database into AudioList™!

  • Import - Export Items - import and export items to and from comma or tab delimited files!

  • PC Data Entry - Add, edit, and delete items on the PC for quicker data entry.!

  • Copy and Email - Copy records to the clipboard to email or paste into your word processor.

  • Print - Print detailed reports or list reports with our versatile PC printing feature.

  • Fields List - The fields you can enter data for include Title, Artist, Label, Year Published, Genre, Status, Rating, Format, Song/Track List, Quality, Length, Location, Notes, From, Date, Price, Notes, Website.

  • Sort and Filter - The versatile sorting and filtering in AudioList allows you to sort and filter by title, artist, status, and genre.

  • User Definable Status - Assign a status to each record, and you can filter by status. You can add and delete status choices. Quickly determine if you have seen a music, if it is on loan, if you want to see it, etc.

  • User Definable Genres - Assign a genre to each record, and you can filter by genre. We provide a starting list of genres, but you can add and delete genre choices.

  • User Definable Ratings - Assign a rating to each record, based on YOUR rating preference. You can add and delete rating choices.

  • User Definable Label List - Create a list of common record labels for faster data entry

  • User Definable Artist and Composer Lists - Create a list of common artists and composers for faster data entry

  • Export to Memo - Do you want to share an item with a friend, but they don't have AudioList? No problem, just use our export to memo feature to export any item and its details to a memo on your Palm OS handheld. Then, beam it to anyone!

  • Add 1000s of Records - Add hundreds or thousands of items if you want - limited only by memory. The database limit due to hotsync's limit is 15,999 records.

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