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by Dale D from IN (Handango)
I've been enjoying this program for several years and have upgraded several times. Not many problems and when I have had an issue it's been when I've changed PDAs or computers. WakefieldSoft has always been very prompt in answering my questions and fixing the problem.

by a Reviewer from Hawaii (Handango)
I have been using this product for several months now, and have been very pleased. The program has fields to describe every aspect of your video collection, and is very stable. I have never lost data, and customer support response has been excellent on the couple of occasions when I have needed it.

by Charles Hickinbotham (Handango)
I've been using VideoList Plus to DB my movie collection, and the program is excellent. There is a spot for every little detail I would want to record. When did I purchase it? Any Special features? What language? Actors? Then, you can search the main catagories (I feel like a Joe Dante film, what do I got, Scary movie sounds good.) I really enjoy the value funtion, it will keep track of the purchase cost, and let you know the value of your collection. The customer service is top notch. I had a software problem with the PC portion, typical IBM error. I email them Sunday night. I get back from work, check my email, and they have responded. I send some additional info. After dinner, I check again and find not only a response, but the solution! Problem solved in less than 24 hours. Service that can't be beat.

by Michael Williams (PalmGear)
Incredible!!! The Palm aspect of this program makes it Excellent. Not only can you enter your whole video library, but you can very easily reference it. Even better, its come in handy for those times I'm browsing at my local video store. I'm able to log the names of all the videos I plan to rent or buy. What makes this program Incredible is the desktop program that comes with it. Makes entering many videos a lot easier. Its also very customizable...Enjoy

by Josh Tyner (PalmGear)
This program does everything you could want to track your DVD collection. Can sort by director, actor, genre among others. Also it's the only one I can find that has a desktop companion to ease the pain of entering all the info; why others don't include this is beyond me. On top of all this I've had nothing but good service from their Tech Support. All in all a TOP NOTCH PROGRAM

by Akeru Joyden (PalmGear)
I have tryied several different video databases and tried to write a couple of my own. I must say that this program is one of the most intuitive and easily adaptable that I have ever seen. The amount of customizable fields allow a freedom and creative license not seen in the likes of MovieStuff or even in those DB's I tacked together personally. I would like to see a wider and more customizable search/sortfunction for the palm version. As well as I have to figure out how to archive my family's video collections so that I can shop for gifts easier!

by Bruce Evans (PalmBlvd)
I've been using Video List Plus and its companion program Book Bag Plus for about half a year now. I decided to move Video Plus from my Kyocera 6035 phone to my Palm IIIxe. As always, when using a registered program, I had problems, some of due to the program and a lot due to my trying to correct the program myself. WakefieldSoft's support was unbelievably good. I don't know how many messages went back and forth but they found the problem and walked me through the solution. Great program, greater service.

by Thad Peiffer (PalmGear)
I recently purchased both VideoList Plus and BookBag Plus. I made the decision because they have PC Data Entry. I have about 200 DVD's, so entering them into the handheld would have been a nightmare. I had my list in Excel, so I exported it to a file, but encountered errors trying to import the data. I contacted the developers and they sent me an updated version within 3 hours of being contacted! It worked perfectly, and I am definitely glad I spent money on this program! I'll buy more from them without concern of quality or support!

by YJC from New York City (Handango)
As a student studing film, I have always searched for a good database program that can effectively sort out all the informations that I have for my film texts. Videolist Plus was the answer. It was developed for PDA, but you can use it on your desktop by importing and exporting the data to/from the text files very very easily. (I had a problem with importing the data, but when I contacted with the customer service, they immediately sent me an updated version.) One of the great features in this program is that you can browse your data by various categories (i.e. by director's name, by actor/actress's name, etc.). I have never seen this function in other similar film database softwares for PDA. Also, you can edit the several caterories such like "genre" and "status." (I added "avant-garde" and "mocumentary" in the genre category and deleted "drama" and "home movie" out of it.) And one more thing, the amount of data that you can input is limitless as long as your PDA memory allows you to do it. The program itself is great, and also, their technical support is equally great. Up to now, this is my best purchase for my three month old Clie 320.

by Bernie Herpin (PalmGear)
Ever gotten to the video store and wondered if you've seen a movie? Or, forgot the list of movies you want to see at home? You see some DVDs on sale, but can't remember which ones you already own (this can be a problem if you own lots of movies like I do)?Well, the solution for Palm OS people is VideoList Plus! When I recently replaced my Palm IIIc with a Handspring Visor Prism, I was reviewing software and came across the great program.I spent a weekend entering info about my movies into VideoList. The interface on the PC is easy to use (you wouldn't want to enter them on the handheld!) and contains fields for every piece of informaiton that you might want to store on a movie (and several you probably don't care about).There are even fields where you can track who you've lent movies to and who has lent you movies.After entering the info, I HotSync'ed and now have a complete list of my movies in my handheld.You can export and import data and create hardcopy reports.This is a "must have" for people with movie libraries!!

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