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by Rick & Susan (Email)
We have found LoanExpert Plus invaluable in our fledgling Investment business. We have spent hours going over loans scenarios and the software always works perfectly and intuitively.

by a Reviewer from New Bern, NC (Handango)
Great product. Easy to use and easy to view different loan scenarios on the same purchase. I Like being able to view my information on both my home computer as well as on my Pocket PC. This is a real plus.

by G.M. Smith MN (Handango)
Just refinanced our house and having this software was invaluable. I was able to calculate the savings in interest and reduced time to payoff the loan as a result of making larger payments. Also just bought 2 cars and it was very helpful allowing me to compare whether to take the $2,000 rebate or the lower interest rates. Very easy data entry and it will solve for whatever variable is unknown. Intuitive to operate and allows you to save multiple scenarios. Sometimes takes a couple seconds to make the calculations on my Ipaq 1910 but then I've got the memory pretty loaded up with stuff. Definitely two thumbs up.

by John M (PalmGear)
Great product, perfect for an accounting/finance type or for someone buying/leasing a car or home; extremely easy to download and intuitive to use.

by a Reviewer from El Paso, TX (Handango)
Downloaded the program as a demo just as I listed a New Home Builder. Before long I was using it everyday and I was able to save senarios for previous buyers with the ability to change data an show different kinds of payment plans. I increase my sales and using it with another program I downloaded my closing ratio is 93%.

by John C (PalmGear)
I downloaded this software the day before I went to purchase a new car. I found it easy, fast, and accurate to use while under pressure in a car dealership. I knew in an instant how much I was willing to pay and what it would cost over time. This program is worth more than its cost.

by sbirkhead (Handango)
This product is simple to try, purchase and use. It's been a handy add-on to my most recent Palm purchase, and kept me from having to purchase or carry a financial calculator. Easily computes loan vitals, does amortization (so I can show customers cost recoup time on refinance loans) and stores loans.

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