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by Jeff from God's country Virginia (Handango)
This app. is a TEN on the five star scale. Description: First off, if you have inventory to manage, here is your app. You will find none better! Itis very user friendly and will adapt to a wide range of inventory given the custom fields. In a matter of hours I entered over two hundred equipment files through the desktop, but the great part is that I do not have to sort through all those files to find the one I need on my PDA. I just write in the file name and there it is. This app is WELL UNDER PRICED so do not let the twenty bucks hold you back. For three years I have gone through inventory apps looking for one customizable, this is it. I don't usually write reviews, but this one is worth it and a bargain for it's price. Has my vote for peoples choice award.

by from Wisconsin (Handango)
I've been using DoInventory Plus for a few months now and can give it a five-star rating for my use. I have a small home business and need to track my inventory for tax and reordering purposes and DoInventory Plus has been the perfect program. I like to be able to have my inventory with me at all times so, when asked if I have a certain item, I don't have to wait until I get home to check - I have it with me, with a complete description, my costs and the retail amount. That's great! The PC program generates the paper reports I need and keeps track of my costs and the value of the finished products. I had to calc all that on an annual basis before DoInventory Plus. I can't think of anything I'd change on the program.

by Shmuel - Sydney, Australia (PalmGear)
Good stuff! I needed a simple but efficient inventory software, been looking for a while, and finally when I tried DoInventory Plus, my search was over. I found what I needed, perfect for my business, can use it on my PC or at the my store to keep track of my inventory! Thanks!

by Stacey from New York (Handango)
I own another software title by this developer, and its ease of use encouraged me to try the DoInventory program. Bought it as soon as my "free" 20 items were inventoried. Having to assign a dollar value to the items in my house will, I hope, help me decide what to keep and what to toss -- I have too much stuff! So thanks to WakefieldSoft for a good program that's intuitive, easy to use, love having a desktop PC companion, and you don't even have to read the manual I LOVE THAT :-)

by J. Starr from Casa Grande, AZ (Handango)
The program is quite adjustable and has fields for what you need or may need to add. The Tech support was so fast, I wasn't sure they had time to read the message. I'm VERY pleased, and you will be to. (Thanks Shawn, you made my day!)

by R. Skold from Springfield, VT (Handango)
It really works, excellent tech support and well worth the price. I run my business inventory on it. It's made my life easier!

by John from Rhode Island (Handango)
I can't say enough about this program and SHAWN you are the best out there. Returned Email in matter of minutes I WISH EVERYONE WAS THE SAME WAY.

by a Reviewer from Whiteville, NC (Handango)
This is the ONLY inventory software I have found that also incorporates a desktop application. Excellent program for any business or for use at home. Customer support is immediate!

by a Reviewer from Carlsbad, CA (Handango)
I use this to manage inventory for my company nationwide. I had a problem and the technical support was next to instantanious. The fastest tech support I have ever experienced. Besides a great product, great support. This is not just another lame PDA software package.

by from Elkhart, IN (Handango)
This program is everything it says it is. I use it to inventory items for a small business as well as my home for insurance purposes. I couldn't be happier with it. The desktop program is a great feature that allows you to enter items without having to use graffitti as well as print up lists or individual items. This program deserves a "best buy" rating in my opinion. It is well worth the price.

by Mike Synowiec (PalmGear)
Must have for ANY manager who deals with inventory (large or small). Excellent for use at home too! Authors response is immediate / excellent!!!!!!

by Craig Wilkinson (PalmGear)
This software is the perfect thing for our collection that we are keeping track of. The best thing is the support. After having two simple issues after installing the software on the computer, I emailed for help. The response came within 1-2 hours(each time!). That's amazing! Anyway, this is highly recommended for keeping track of things in your house, office, etc. Thanks Shawn!!!

by Mike Allison (PalmGear)
Too bad there was not 6 stars. I was looking for inventory software, and DoInventory, including the PC Companion, was extremely versatile and helpful. If you need a flexible program that allows you to custom define rooms (locations) and categories, this is the one. Not just a great Palm App, this is a great PC App. Also, helpful Tech Support and quick responses when I had a question. Thanks!!

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