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by Mark Redmond, Encore! Books (Handango)
I am a professional book dealer and an avid bibliophile. I have tried many software applications designed specifically for the book industry to catalogue my private collection for access on my PDA when I am on the road as a Book Hound and nothing comes close to BookBag Plus for PDA's. You don't even need any instructions to discover its many enhancements. One addition that would be nice to see in future releases would be the addition of an ISBN lookup feature. This would make data entry a snap when using the PC Companion feature with an internet connection. All things considered, the book lover can't go wrong with this product. It is hands down the best I've seen.

by a reviewer from Chicago (Handango)
I have hundreds of books and want to buy and/or read hundreds more. BookBag Plus is the best software out there for organizing all of this and more. It is one of the most user-friendly program I have ever used for my PDA. With just a couple clicks, you can go from your list of books you own to those that you want to buy to a list of authors you have entered. BUY IT!

by by Erin Apostolos (PalmGear)
This software made me fall in love with my Palm all over again. As a book lover, I'd often go the bookstore and wonder either, "Did I already buy this book?" or "What was that book my brother told me I should read?" With this software I can easily find out the answers to these questions. Using the filter, you can view books you already own or books you want to buy. You can also list the names of people you've loaned your books to and even put in due dates for books you've borrowed from the library. Excellent program!

by Kate Cogan (PalmGear)
The program is easy to use but detailed, covering every aspect of recording your personal library. The support is absolutely brilliant with replies to e-mails within hours. Highly recommended.

by Elizabeth Anderson (PalmGear)
Have no fear. Order this. You'll love it. This program is phenomenal and the customer service is outstanding. Bill Gates could learn a thing or two from this developer. I looked at many programs costing much more that were just for my PC, which is what I really wanted. The Palm syncing is a bonus. Being able to enter data on my computer and sync to my Palm using a program that is intuitive and fun is wonderful. I love this program. I'd give it TEN STARS if I could. Well, I can: **********

by Paul Collett (Handango)
I've never used a pda before, because I was always looking for one with a keyboard. I bought my Treo90 and I bought this software because of the reviews from other customers. Never even used it as a trial. This product fits all my needs for my library. It even totals the cost of the books as they're entered, so you know automatically how much your collection is worth. I highly recommend this product.

by jengod x (PalmGear)
Beautiful program for book lovers. I searched for 'library books' b/c I can never get those guys back on time, and was lead to Librarian 1.0 but was disappointed. A second round let me to this and other apps -- this one is amazing. Has every book-related field you could want, wonderful searchability, great sort functions and has plenty of room for all of your books ever!

by David Speer (PalmGear)
I bought PDACookbook Plus and was extremely impressed. I bought BookBag Plus to replace a far more expensive desktop library program that lacked Palm synchronization. BookBag imported all the records flawlessly and is easier and more intuitive to use. WakefieldSoft's creations are _excellent_ and a true bargain!

by Chaney Overholts from Kalamazoo, MI (Handango)
Finally a program that is really worth keeping. Hard to find good software for the palm. This is an excellent way to manage your books. Highly recommended. A plus is the companion program for the PC.

by Mike Lueck (PalmBlvd)
At last, I can get my book collection organized without spending a fortune. Quick and friendly support. Thanks to everyone at WakefieldSoft.

by Greg Moeller (PalmGear)
Great software, best I've found for my books.The software is easy to use, makes adding my entire paperback collection a breeze on my PC. The 'wanted' category is perfect for my raids on used book stores, I can pop up a list of everything I need as I wander the store.Tech support is amazing, within a day my request was added and a new copy Emailed back to me.

by onitacy from St. Paul, MN (Handango)
I am a doctoral candidate and was looking for something to manage my library and references. THIS IS IT! I love the drop down menus, especially when I'm entering in multiple publications with the same city or publisher let alone author. The category sort is fabulous for me so I can easily find what I'm looking for. The only area I'd suggest for improvement: increase the publication name field. I have to enter in some journal publications under notes because they don't fit.

by a Reviewer (Handango)
I have found this to be one of the most useful of all the software I have tried for my PDA. I use it for both audio books and conventional books. It is easy to use, the PC interface makes initial entering of my vast library easy to do. It is really handy to have the database with me when I am at the library or bookstore. Love the product!! I can see where it could be expanded to use for videos, CDs, DVDs, etc.

by Allan Campbell (PalmGear)
After trying the rest, this one is the best. Easy to use with a great desktop interface. A must have for all serious book readers and collectors.

by Paul Randazzo (PalmGear)
After trying other DB software, Bookbag Plus is the best $$ I've spent. Its flexibility has allowed me to create a customized book DB quickly and easily. So far I have entered over 300 books quickly and accurately. The program is intuitave, fast and well written. Support is even faster. A complete winner!

by Jackie Leisenheimer from Columbus, OH (Handango)
For months I looked at every book-related database software I could find. This is the only one that does everything I want it to and more. The tech support is fantastic; they worked with me over several days to get it just right! Worth every penny.

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