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BookBag Plus: Blackberry, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile book and library software with PC companion desktop software.
  • Import - Export Items - import and export items to and from comma or tab delimited files! Easily import your existing database into BookBag™!

  • PC Data Entry - Add, edit, and delete items on the PC for quicker data entry.!

  • Copy and Email - Copy records to the clipboard to email or paste into your word processor.

  • Print - Print detailed reports or list reports with our versatile PC printing feature.

  • Fields List - The fields you can enter data for include Title, Author, Description, Category, Status, Due Date, Rating, Format, Location, Notes, From, Data Acquired, Price, Publisher, Date Published, Location Published, Edition, Volume, Series, ISBN, Website.

  • Sort and Filter - The versatile sorting and filtering in BookBag allows you to sort by title, author, category, status and due date. You can filter by author, category and status.

  • User Definable Status - Assign a status to each record, and you can filter by status. Quickly determine if you have read a book, if it is on loan, if you want to read it, etc.

  • User Definable Categories - Assign a category to each record, and you can filter by category. We provide a starting list of categories, but you can add and delete category choices on the PC. The current version allows you to define up to 100 categories.

  • User Definable Rating - Assign a rating to each record, based on YOUR rating preference.

  • User Definable Format - Assign a format to each record. Specify if a record is a softback, hardback, ebook, audio book, etc.

  • User Definable Author List - Create a list of common authors for faster data entry. The current version allows you to define an unlimited number of authors

  • Export to Memo - Do you want to share an item from your book list with a friend, but they don't have BookBag™? No problem, just use our export to memo feature to export any item and its details to a memo on your handheld handheld.

  • Add 1000s of Records - Add hundreds or thousands of items if you want - limited only by memory. The database limit due to hotsync's limit is 15,999 records.

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