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by Don from Omaha, NE (Handango)
This is the software I have been looking for to manage my autos. It manages all aspects of auto, from gasoline milage to reminders of the need to get services. Put in an oil change and the program will remind you when it is time (or distance) to change the oil again. It has user definable lists for such elements and Octane, Vendor, Purpose, etc. It has a trip log to track business milage or a vacation trip. It even has a memo area with templates for accident and insurance informaton. A PC companion product allows one to enter data without the Palm, then sync later. This is the program I have searched for for over 8 years.

by William from Santa Ana, California (Handango)
This is an excellent little program. It is very simple and intuitive to use, but it keeps track of lot of information about your cars. If you install it on your smart phone, it usually will be available whenever you fill your car with gas or take it in for repairs. As such, you are more likely to record the data while waiting for the tank to fill or paying for the service charges. Otherwise, you will have to wait to you get back to your computer to record the data--something that is much less likely to happen.

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