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HealthFile Plus: Blackberry, Palm OS, and Windows Mobile book and library software with PC companion desktop software.
  • PC Companion Software - Included for easy access to HealthFile™ data on your desktop, including graphing and charting, importing, export, printing, and more!
  • Handheld Software - Carry all of your medical history and medical records with you to your physician. Never forget any medical information when filling out those forms!
  • Store Multiple Pofiles - store information for all family members together in HealthFile..
  • Password Protection - optional password protection prevents other people from viewing your data.
  • Customizable Master Lists - Define your own list of locations, providers (physicians), provider types, pharmacies, contacts, and insurance companies for easy dropdown access.
  • Much More - Download the free trial to see all of the features!

HealthFile™ has a comprehensive list of topics in which to store information, including:

  • Personal - store basic personal information including birthday, address, normal health values.
  • Legal - store organ donor status, will information, and other legal type items.
  • Insurance - store information on all types of insurance; saves records to a master list for use in other profiles.
  • Contacts - store emergency contact information; saves records to a master list for use in other profiles.
  • Allergies - store information on any allergies for the personal profile.
  • Illnesses - store information on previous illness, diseases, or medical conditions including symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, etc.
  • Surgeries - store information on previous surgeries or hospitalizations including date, instructions, etc.
  • Appointments - store information on any appointment, including date, time, reason, diagnosis, follow-up date, etc.
  • Medications - store information on medications or vitamins being taken, or previously taken, and prescription details.
  • Vaccinations - store information on shots and vaccinations, including date, physician, etc.
  • Tests - store information on any kind of test or exam, including result, goal, physician, location, etc.
  • Blood Pressure - store and graph blood pressure test results, including pulse, date, time, activity, etc.
  • Weight - store and graph weight measurements, including date, time, and notes.
  • Glucose - store and graph blood sugar test results, including carbs, date, time, event, etc.
  • Cholesterol - store and graph cholesterol including total, LDL, HDL, and triglycerides, date, time, event, etc.
  • Family History - store family history information to record illnesses and conditions of related family members.

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